Unknown Climax Shop Number Roster - Pg 12

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Records: 551 - 563 of 563
T/N Class-
Dates Gauge Owner(s) - Notes
* = First Owner - (D) = Locomotive Dealer
X552 ?-22



Zimmerman-Wells-Brown Co. (D), Portland, OR
Johnson, John, Knappton, WA
(North Shore Logging Co., Knappton, WA)
X553 C-80 12-1923 Standard Columbia Valley Logging Co., Cultus Lake, OR
X554 Unknown 7-1925 Standard Knappton Logging Co., Holbrook, OR
X555 Unknown 7-1925 Standard Knappton Logging Co., Holbrook, OR
X556 B-60 5-1926 Standard Packwood Logging Co., Bucoda, WA
X557 B-45 8-1924 Standard Main Logging Co., Shelton, WA
X558 B-55
Webb Logging & Timber Co., Duckabush, WA
For Sale
X559 B-40 1905 Unknown Dexter Suphite Pulp & Paper Co., Dexter, NY
X560 A-?
*Craggy Lumber Co. No. 1 A. M. KISTLER, Bee Tree, NC
(Bee Tree Railroad No. 4, Bee Tree, NC)
X561 B-20 1905 36 in. *Boice-Buchanon Lumber Co., Balsam, NC
X562 A-? Unknown Standard Lansbury, A. B., Bishtown, PA
X563 C-? Unknown Standard Carlsborg Mill & Timber Co., Carlsborg, WA
X564 Unknown 1-27-1905 Standard Menominee Bay Lumber Co., Wabeno, WI