Unknown Climax Shop Number Roster - Pg 11

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Records: 501 - 550 of 563
T/N Class-
Dates Gauge Owner(s) - Notes
* = First Owner - (D) = Locomotive Dealer
X502 B-33 Unknown Unknown Howell, George W. - & Co. No. 1, Montrose, MS
X503 Unknown Unknown 36 in. Horse Creek Lumber Co., Julian, WV
X504 B-28 Unknown Unknown Huntington Development & Gas Co., Dingess, WV
X505 A-18


36 in.

*Hutchinson Lumber Co., Meadow Bridge, WV
Hammill, R. H. - Co., Meadow Bridge, WV
Ruthbell Lumber Co., Elkins, WV
For Sale
Wilson Lumber Co., Mill Creek, WV
X506 A-20
c. 1926
36 in.
Hutchinson Lumber Co., Huntington, WV
Griffith Lumber Co. No. 2, Trace, WV
X507 ?-20 Unknown Unknown Kellogg Lumber Co., Richey, MS
X508 Unknown Unknown Unknown Offutt, M. N. - Lumber Co., Huntington, WV
X509 B-40 Unknown Unknown Peytona Lumber Co., Omar, WV
X510 B-35 Unknown 36 in. Perley & Crockett Lumber Co. No. 3, Black Mountain, NC
X511 A-22 Unknown 42 in. Sliger Brothers, Ferguson, WV
X512 A-20 Unknown 36 in. Sanford & Treadway, Linville, NC
X513 A-15 Unknown Unknown Buskirk & Wittenberg, Wyoming County, WV
X514 B-? Unknown Unknown Stimson Mill Co., Elma, WA
X515 A-16 Unknown Unknown Rays Smithing Coal Co., Friedens, PA
X516 ?-20 Unknown Unknown Ranwood Lumber Co. No. 2, Pickens, WV
X517 B-20 Unknown Unknown Ranwood Lumber Co. No. 2, Pickens, WV
X518 A-? Unknown Unknown Unknown, Wayne County, WV
X519 A-15 1912 NG Lone Mountain Lumber Co., Deermont, TN
X520 B-25 Identified as X28
X521 B-? 1904 36 in. Frost-Sibley Lumber Co. TILDA, Lamison, AL
X522 A-? 1905 36 in. Cranwell, J. H., Pikesville, TN
X523 B-? 1916 36 in. Pfeuffer Cedar Co., Lometa, TX
X524 B-20 1907 36 in. Champion Fibre Co., Smokemont, NC
X525 B-?
36 in.
Linville River Railway GRANDMOTHER, Pineola, TN
X526 B-20 c. 1915 42 in. Fugate, H. - Co., Pilot Mountain, TN
X527 B-30 1907 Standard Deep Gap Tie & Lumber Co., Smethport, NC
X528 A-13
36 in.
*Stoney Creek Lumber Co., Tacoma, VA
For Sale
X529 Unknown 7-1902 36 in. *Palmer, Thomas & Co. No. 1, Saltville, VA
X530 B-50 Unknown Standard *Lackawanna Coal & Lumber Co. No. 1, Seth, WV
X531 B-?
36 in.
Strause Lumber Co. No. 2, Inwood, PA
Strause Lumber Co. No. 2, Penryn Park, PA
X532 B-35
36 in.
Pine Creek Lumber & Timber Co., Van Dyke, PA
X533 B-25
36 in.
*Linden Hall Lumber Co. No. 3, Linden Hall, PA
X534 Unknown Unknown 36 in. Glen Union Lumber Co., Glen Union, PA
X535 Unknown
36 in.
McChesney, Elk County, PA
Erich, Joseph, Beechwood, PA
X536 A-? Unknown 36 in. Nusbaum Chemical Co. No. 4, Fuller Brook, PA
X537 Unknown Unknown 36 in. Morrison, Gross & Co. No. 3, Wallman, MD
X538 B-? Unknown NG Cook & Sechler, West Salisbury, PA
X539 B-?
36 in.
Welsh, WV
McNeal, M. E., Central City, PA
X540 B-40
Irvin, William - & Co. No. 1, Big Run, PA
Armour Leather, PA
X541 B-20
36 in.
McMichael, B. F. - No. 3, Vandergrift Corners, PA
Clawson Chemical Co., Barnes, PA
X542 A-? Unknown 36 in. McMichael, B. F. - No. 2, Vandergrift Corners, PA
X543 Not Used
X544 B-28 1901 Unknown Button & Sones (Sones & Button), Stevenson, WA
X545 Unknown 1925 Standard Abernethy Lougheed Logging Co. Ltd., Port Haney, BC
X546 A-12 12-1925 36 in. *Bahamas Cuban Co., Bahama Islands
X547 Unknown 6-1913 Standard Cascade Lumber Co., Easton, WA
X548 Unknown
Sobey Manufacturing Co. No. 1, Granite Falls, WA
Waite Mill & Timber Co. No. 1, Granite Falls, WA
X549 B-50 5-1910 Standard Lucas Lumber Co., Eagle Gorge, WA
X550 B-48 Identified as S/N 1023
X551 Unknown 7-1912 Unknown Eugene & Eastern Railway, Eugene, OR