Unknown Climax Shop Numbers Class

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Records: 151 - 164 of 164
T/N Class-
Dates Gauge Owner(s) - Notes
* = First Owner - (D) = Locomotive Dealer
X506 A-20
c. 1926
36 in.
Hutchinson Lumber Co., Huntington, WV
Griffith Lumber Co. No. 2, Trace, WV
X511 A-22 Unknown 42 in. Sliger Brothers, Ferguson, WV
X512 A-20 Unknown 36 in. Sanford & Treadway, Linville, NC
X513 A-15 Unknown Unknown Buskirk & Wittenberg, Wyoming County, WV
X515 A-16 Unknown Unknown Rays Smithing Coal Co., Friedens, PA
X518 A-? Unknown Unknown Unknown, Wayne County, WV
X519 A-15 1912 NG Lone Mountain Lumber Co., Deermont, TN
X522 A-? 1905 36 in. Cranwell, J. H., Pikesville, TN
X528 A-13
36 in.
*Stoney Creek Lumber Co., Tacoma, VA
For Sale
X536 A-? Unknown 36 in. Nusbaum Chemical Co. No. 4, Fuller Brook, PA
X542 A-? Unknown 36 in. McMichael, B. F. - No. 2, Vandergrift Corners, PA
X546 A-12 12-1925 36 in. *Bahamas Cuban Co., Bahama Islands
X560 A-?
*Craggy Lumber Co. No. 1 A. M. KISTLER, Bee Tree, NC
(Bee Tree Railroad No. 4, Bee Tree, NC)
X562 A-? Unknown Standard Lansbury, A. B., Bishtown, PA