Content Sources

The information contained on this web site was compiled from personal research and the following sources:

Climax - An Unusual Locomotive
by Walter C. Casler and Thomas T. Taber III
Catalog of the Climax Patent Geared Locomotive
Reprinted by Boynton & Associates, Clifton House/Clifton, VA 22024
Ghost Railroads of Kentucky
by Elmer G. Sulzer
Ghost Railroads of Tennessee
by Elmer G. Sulzer
Allegheny Valley Logging Railroads
by Walter C. Casler
Book No. 11 in the series Logging Railroad Era of Lumbering in Pennsylvania
Printed 1977 by Lycoming Printing Company, Inc., Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Extensive information about the Climax Locomotive and the Climax Manufacturing Company may be found in the book:

The Climax Locomotive
by Dennis Thompson, Rich Dunn, Steve Hauff, et al
Published by and available from Oso Publishing

This is the ultimate book about the Climax locomotive and contains hundreds of photographs, specifications and scale drawings of Climax Locomotives and logging cars. I highly recommend it!!

Special Thanks
To Barry J. Smith for sharing his collection of Climax locomotive photographs for use on the web site.