Links To Related Web Sites

Climax S/N 1694 Restoration
Visit this web site dedicated to the restoration of S/N 1964 - and please help support this worthy project!
Abandoned Climax In Idaho (S/N 916)
Great photographs and information about the remains of Class B Climax S/N 916, that was wrecked in Idaho and still remains at the wreck site.
Geared Steam Locomotive Works
Photographs and information about all geared or rod-driven locomotives used in logging, mining or industrial operations.
The ultimate web reference on the Shay geared locomotive.
Cass Scenic Railroad State Park
Cass, West Virginia - Take a ride behind operating Shay locomotives!
The Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad
Durbin, West Virginia - Take a ride behind an operating Climax locomotive!
Corry Area Historical Museum
Corry, Pennsylvania - Home of the Climax locomotive.
Cradle of Forestry in America
North Carolina - Museum dedicated to the forest industry in America
Saw Mills Web Site
Detailed information about the operations and equipment of 20th Century sawmills in the United States
Hull-Oakes Saw Mill
Gary M. Katz’ photographic tour of the last steam powered saw mill in the United States
Wood Chemical Plants In Pennsylvania
Excellent web pages from Planet Smethport
Logging Railroads of North America
A site dedicated to listing all known logging railroad operations in North America by state.
Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association
MSR&LHA collects, preserves, and interprets the history of short line and industrial railroads and the forest and mining industries of West Virginia
Puffing Billy Railway Australia
An operating 30 inch gauge railroad in Australia. The home of Class B Climax S/N 1694.
White Mountain Central Railroad (Clarks Trading Post New Hampshire)
Several preserved steam and diesel locomotives including Shay, Heisler and Climax locomotives
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