Unknown Climax Shop Numbers Class ?

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Records: 51 - 64 of 64
T/N Class-
Dates Gauge Owner(s) - Notes
* = First Owner - (D) = Locomotive Dealer
X508 Unknown Unknown Unknown Offutt, M. N. - Lumber Co., Huntington, WV
X516 ?-20 Unknown Unknown Ranwood Lumber Co. No. 2, Pickens, WV
X529 Unknown 7-1902 36 in. *Palmer, Thomas & Co. No. 1, Saltville, VA
X534 Unknown Unknown 36 in. Glen Union Lumber Co., Glen Union, PA
X535 Unknown
36 in.
McChesney, Elk County, PA
Erich, Joseph, Beechwood, PA
X537 Unknown Unknown 36 in. Morrison, Gross & Co. No. 3, Wallman, MD
X545 Unknown 1925 Standard Abernethy Lougheed Logging Co. Ltd., Port Haney, BC
X547 Unknown 6-1913 Standard Cascade Lumber Co., Easton, WA
X548 Unknown
Sobey Manufacturing Co. No. 1, Granite Falls, WA
Waite Mill & Timber Co. No. 1, Granite Falls, WA
X551 Unknown 7-1912 Unknown Eugene & Eastern Railway, Eugene, OR
X552 ?-22



Zimmerman-Wells-Brown Co. (D), Portland, OR
Johnson, John, Knappton, WA
(North Shore Logging Co., Knappton, WA)
X554 Unknown 7-1925 Standard Knappton Logging Co., Holbrook, OR
X555 Unknown 7-1925 Standard Knappton Logging Co., Holbrook, OR
X564 Unknown 1-27-1905 Standard Menominee Bay Lumber Co., Wabeno, WI