Climax Locomotive Owners - H

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Owner Name - (D) = Locomotive Dealer Shop/Number or
Holston River Lumber Co. No. 4, Clinchburg, VA 1197
Homalko Logging Co. No. 1, Port Neville, BC 1207
Homalko Logging Co. No. 2, Port Neville, BC 878
Hopkins, Walker - Lumber Co., Moyers, OK X454
Horse Creek Lumber Co., Julian, WV X233
Horse Creek Lumber Co., Julian, WV X503
Hosterman Lumber Co. No. 1, Hosterman, WV 121
Hosterman Lumber Co. No. 2, Hosterman, WV 694
Houghton Logging Co., McMurray, WA 504
House, A. C., Weldon, NC X198
Houston, H. C. - No. 149 THE GOLD BUG, Pinkerton, PA 149
Houston, H. C. - No. 152, Pinkerton, PA 152
Howell, George W. - & Co. No. 1, Montrose, MS X502
Howze Lumber Co., McLean, MS X444
Humbird Lumber Co. No. 6, Sandpoint, ID 1571
Humbolt Redwood Co. No. 5, Bayside, CA 1225
Hunt, R. G. - Lumber Co. No. 1, Balsam, NC 578
Hunt, R. G. - Lumber Co. No. 2, Balsam, NC 1061
Hunt, R. G. - Lumber Co., Balsam, NC X351
Hunter Machinery Co. (D), Marion, NC X448
Hunter Machinery Co. (D), Marion, NC X449
Huntington Development & Gas Co. No. 3, Dingess, WV 618
Huntington Development & Gas Co., Dingess, WV X504
Hutchinson Lumber Co. No. 1, Huntington, WV X425
Hutchinson Lumber Co., Huntington, WV X506
Hutchinson Lumber Co., Meadow Bridge, WV X505
Hutton Lumber Co., Galliver, FL 171
Hutton, Bourbonnais & Co. No. 1, Hickory, NC X501
Hyde Brothers & Co. (D), Pittsburgh, PA X306