Class A Climax with full length cab
Julia Gallop

Engineers side view of one of the Class A Climax locomotives used by Nicholas W. Heinemann on his operations in Colegrove and Crosby, Pennsylvania. The cab is fully enclosed and the roof extends the length of the locomotive. Only the smoke box of the tee style boiler and the water tank are not enclosed.

Note that the smoke stack only extends a few inches above the roof line and does not appear to have had a spark arrestor, although this detail is difficult to verify from the photograph. Also note the Climax style headlight mounted on the smoke box and the bell mounted on the roof. There are narrow doors on either side of the smoke box and at the water tank end of the cab. The first upper panel by the smoke box slides open to allow loading of the wood fuel used. A steam siphon hose was used to add water to the locomotive.

Heinemann had a least five Climax locomotives of this design, including one with a vertical boiler that also featured a fully enclosed cab and fuel bunker. Heinemann's locomotives were surely called "Box Car Locomotives".